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The largest export market of Japanese plastics is China. In 2002, the amount of Japanese plastics exports to China was 251.8 billion yen, up 29.6% from 194.3 billion yen in 2001, accounting for nearly 20% of Japan's total exports. Other countries with an export volume of more than 100billion yen include the United States of America 169billion yen, Hong Kong 168billion yen, Taiwan, China 151.5 billion yen and South Korea 137.6 billion yen. Japan imported 3.47 million tons of plastics in 2002, including 1.16 million tons of raw materials and 2.3 million tons of products. The import volume was 910billion yen, including 232billion yen for raw materials and 67.8 billion yen for products. Imports from the United States were the largest, at 162.4 billion yen, while imports from China were 149.6 billion yen, an increase of 19.4% over the previous year. The trade surplus of plastics between Japan and China was 102.3 billion yen, exceeding 100billion yen. South Korea's plastic exports are even larger, reaching 12.8 million tons in 2000 and 12.7 million tons in 2001, both ranking first in the world. Although China's plastic production has developed very rapidly, with an output of more than 10 million tons, it still cannot meet the needs of the domestic market, and a large number of plastics are imported every year. In 2001, China imported a total of 10.9 million tons of PUC, PE, PP, ABS and PS. in 2002 and 2003, the import volume increased to 12.52 million tons and 13.07 million tons respectively

IV. packaging is the largest application field

plastics are widely used in all aspects of economy, culture, military and life, among which the packaging industry is the largest application field of plastics. In many countries, plastic used in packaging accounts for the largest proportion. Brazil and Colombia both have 51% of plastics used in packaging. The proportion in Bolivia is as high as 61%, that in Italy and Finland is 45%, that in Mexico is 44%, and that in Hungary is 43%. Among the large plastic producing countries, packaging is also the main user of plastics. Germany, Japan, the United States, South Korea, Billy fixed slider position, France and Canada are among the top 10 countries in the world in terms of plastic output, with 30%, 34%, 25%, 24%, 34%, 39% and 34% of plastics used in packaging, without exception, being the largest application field. According to statistics, the world imported 179 extruders in October. On average, 35% of the plastics from various countries are used for packaging, 17% for construction, 7% for electronics and electrical, 6% for automobiles, 5% for agriculture and 4% for daily necessities

Table 3 application proportion of plastics in some countries (2001) industry national building materials packaging electric and electronic automobile other or axle is too dirty or rusted transportation machinery furniture agricultural toys sporting goods daily necessities clothing materials footwear mechanical parts medical devices other Japan @536124 South Korea 3248\\116\16 unclear 32 Malaysia Turkey 263864\10\6\10 yiseli 1327\\52316817 United States 222545@4 ####1 39 Canada @42311*23 Germany 253089725\16 France @45\\18 Belgium italy 124544@53 ###

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