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Sol gel coated glass production technology

introduction sol gel coated glass has good chemical stability, weather resistance and processability. The blue ut235m can perfectly meet the high heat resistance and can be widely used in the construction industry and automobile industry. Since the "Seventh Five Year Plan", our institute has set up special topics to tackle key problems, and conducted in-depth and systematic research on the basic theory of sol-gel, solution formula, coating process and industrial production control. The technology was introduced to the market in 1987. In the past few years, the technology has been continuously improved. Up to now, the technology has reached mature and reliable, the product line 2. The torsion shaft distortion has been listed, and the quality is stable. It is in the leading position in China. Composition of sol transmission system - complete set of technical cost for production of gel coated glass: 2.3 million yuan production scale: 50000 square meters/year product performance index: 1 Maximum area: 2000 × 3000mm2. color: silver white, blue grey, grass green, golden yellow, etc. 3. the sunlight reflectance is 15 ~ 35%, and the transmittance installed at the lower part of the experimental machine is greater than 25% Shielding coefficient: 0.43 ~ 0.65 address: Guanzhuang, Beijing, China zip code: 100024: (010) fax: (010) contacts: Luo Wuwen, cangfengbo, luopinli

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