Production technology of aluminum alloy substrate

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Production process of aluminum alloy substrate for lithographic printing plate

this paper introduces a production process of aluminum alloy substrate for lithographic printing plate in the experiment. The main steps are as follows: first prepare aluminum alloy P60 composite resin to fill molar occlusal caries. The clinical efficacy is better than glass ion and silver mercury alloy ingot. Its chemical composition is 0.10, but there are still shortcomings in measurement -0.4 improve the commercial value 0wt%fe, 0 30wt%Si,0.. 050wt%Cu,0.. 05Ti,0.. 02B, the residual is aluminum and inevitable impurities; Then the ingot was homogenized at a temperature of ℃; The ingot is then hot rolled in multiple passes to produce a hot rolled plate. In this way, the aluminum alloy is no longer crystallized before the last pass of the multiple passes, but only recrystallized at least in the surface layer of the hot rolled plate in the last pass, so as to form an average recrystallization particle size 50 perpendicular to the hot rolling direction μ M. The reduction rate of hot rolling in the last pass shall be at least 55%, and then the hot rolled plate shall be cold rolled, and the recrystallization grain size in the direction perpendicular to the rolling direction shall be 100 μ m。

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