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Professor of artificial intelligence at the University of Toronto disappeared after an avalanche in the Himalayas

it has been three days since Professor Peter wittek disappeared

his family is still waiting anxiously,

but there is no news

on September 29, Professor ut Peter wittek and five other climbers started their climbing trip in India

peter wittek

this is an adventure that has been planned for more than a year. Their goal is to climb Mount trishul in the Himalayas

due to the high incidence of avalanches and steep terrain, mount trishul is one of the most difficult mountains to climb in the world. Many climbers regard this mountain as their life challenge

the same is true of wittek, who loves sports: in addition to his own academic research, wittek, who loves challenges, has participated in many marathons and climbs. For this climbing activity, wittek has specially participated in many training and technical training

the initial climb was very smooth. After a period of cooperation and hard work, the team climbed to a peak of 5900m. In order to recover their strength, they set up tents and prepared to rest

but suddenly, the mountains and the earth shook, and an avalanche rolled in like a thunderbolt

except for Professor wittek who didn't come out in time in the tent, everyone escaped

the weather is bad and the search and rescue work is difficult.

in addition to Professor Peter wittek from Canada, there are also climbers from Vietnam, Mauritius, Singapore and Hungary

after the avalanche, a mountaineer activated SOS distress beacon that night to send out a distress alarm

the rescue team receiving the signal is sent to the rescue, but it may take several days to reach camp 2, where wittek last appeared

by telling global news, "the remaining climbers are still waiting for the arrival of the search and rescue team."

at present, the helicopter has been sent to the mountain to search for the missing wit, and the intelligence level of the existing domestic products is still low TEK, but the bad weather has affected the search and rescue work

the other five climbers are staying at the base camp, waiting for the rescue team to take them back to their motherland

the missing professor is ut associate professor

majoring in artificial intelligence

peter wittek, 37 years old, Hungarian, and associate professor of Rotman college, University of Toronto. In april2018, he moved to Toronto and settled here with his girlfriend

wittek, who focuses on quantum machine learning, is excellent in both academic research and teaching. He is not only the academic director of UT quantum machine learning, but also a partner and professional consultant of many companies

in 2018, he was also able to introduce innovation vitality to local governments. He also presented his research results at the re:invent conference of Amazon AWS, which had a deep impact

not only 4 Adhesive: tensile strength and elongation at break are the same. He also conducted a four month academic visit study on artificial intelligence at Tsinghua University in China and the National University of Singapore

wittek's family also said that he is a very life loving person and will do everything to enrich his life

the spokesman of the University of Toronto said that the Indian universities have been contacted and the two sides have joined hands to do everything possible to search and rescue professor wittek

three days have passed. I hope professor wittek can hold on and return safely! The Internet has penetrated into all aspects of economic and social life

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