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Professional manufacturing consultation of automatic chip conveyor for machine tools: Shuangliao

professional manufacturing consultation of automatic chip conveyor for machine tools: Shuangliao

update time: 20:10:49 source of information: Yanshan Rijin machine tool accessories factory, The motor bearing shall be smooth and its dimension and other data shall be measured. The contact surface of each part of the brush should be kept clean, and the brush pressure should be adjusted so that the contact area is not small. After all, we have established a customer file database for the company at 50%. The control boxes and distribution boxes of the steel plate protective cover are often cleaned, and the dust on the electrical equipment is cleaned in time. Take an ordinary tensile testing machine as an example. The steel plate shield bearing is generally composed of a ferrule, a rolling body and a cage. The starting is small, and the difference between sliding and friction control is small. It has been standardized and standardized internationally, and has good interchangeability. It can be used interchangeably among different brands. The structure around the imported bearing is simplified for maintenance and inspection. Generally, radial load and axial load can be accepted together. It is easy to use under high and low temperature conditions. The device is not in place, the device has error or is not installed in the bearing position, resulting in too small bearing clearance. When installing the device, use brute force to directly knock the bearing to the bearing * * * with a hammer; Is the main cause of deformation. A center of rotation

The chip cutting mechanism of machine tool is an important basic equipment in manufacturing industry, and its development has been widely concerned In recent years, China's machine tool manufacturing industry is facing both the opportunity of manufacturing equipment development and the pressure of market competition From a technical point of view, accelerating CNC technology will be the key to solve the sustainable development of machine tool manufacturing. The development direction of CNC machine tools is: 1 Reliability * * * 2 Miniaturization of control system 3 Smart 4 NC programming automation 5 High speed, high precision and multifunction Based on the development prospect and history of NC machine tool chip cutting machine, after the founding of new China, China has been unable to produce chip cutting machine

about the automatic chip removal machine of the machine tool, such as: rubber strip, cover plate, pulley, sliding block, damping pad, etc. Our company specializes in manufacturing steel plate protective cover, organ protective cover, armor protective cover, lead screw protective cover and other types of protective covers, which can be customized for each machine tool protective cover, and our factory can manufacture a series of machine tool accessories, such as machine tool pad iron, work light, cooling pipe, chip removal machine, drag chain, etc. our factory has rich manufacturing experience, advanced technology, complete products, guaranteed quality and reasonable price. The products sell well all over the country and are highly praised by customers. Welcome new and old customers to call us for advice on the transportation of machine tool protective covers In general, routine maintenance is an essential step to work in * * * state. It can not only reduce the occurrence of accidents, but also extend the service life of the protective cover. Therefore, for each machine tool or machining plant, routine maintenance is the top priority of the work. What are the main tasks of routine maintenance? The contents of routine maintenance mainly include the following aspects: 1, The main content of regular inspection is the inspection of the protective cover of the lead screw to avoid dust and abrasive particles, which is adhered to the surface of the lead screw by improving the conversion rate of the business

iron chip cutting machines mainly include scraper type chip cutting machine, chain type chip cutting machine, screw type chip cutting machine, push rod type chip cutting machine, magnetic suction chip cutting machine, multi bucket blade scraping machine and vibration chip cutting machine Other types of air active transmission systems, such as pipe type chip remover, filter type chip remover, etc., are transmitted into the iron chips through the air compressor inlet. Machine tools are becoming more and more diversified, and the demand for chip removal machines is becoming more and more complex Starting from the demand for chip transfer and the high productivity of processing equipment, we now focus on high integration level, provincial space, miniaturization and systematization

[Rijin machine tool accessory factory] the first step of automatic chip removal machine for machine tool is to select appropriate plates and then cut the plates. For the protective cover, there are many cutting methods. According to the operating principle and type of the machine tool, it can be divided into cutting, milling, laser cutting and other methods. The second step is to select CNC punch for blanking. The third step is to ensure the parallelism of the steel plate protective cover and the perfection of the product. It is necessary to cut the plate and try to reduce the distortion of the plate. With the continuous updating and development of the equipment for producing steel plate protective covers, most of the forming processes are completed on machines, and the technical methods are often used as supplementary processing activities. However, in the case of single piece production, or some parts with complex shapes, the technical operation and processing are still indispensable. Now let's share with us the connection method of electronic steel plate protective cover: welding, thread connection, riveting, etc. are mainly used for connection. It is a process method for permanent connection of weldments, which can be divided into: technical arc welding, gas maintenance arc welding, laser welding, segment welding and touch welding

precautions during operation of the chip conveyor of the machine tool:

1. Pay attention to semi dry and non wet iron chips

magnetic chip removal machine is especially difficult to handle this kind of iron chips. The usual method is to completely turn this kind of iron filings into wet type, and then design the chip removal machine according to wet processing. In the chip removal system, sometimes the machine tool working lights with coolant are treated separately to prevent them from mixing into the chip removal line

2. The larger the chip removal amount, the better

the main reasons that affect the chip removal amount are the rotating speed, effective chip removal width, magnetic block spacing or scraper speed distance. When the width and spacing (specification and model) of the chip removal device are certain, the rise and fall of the rotating speed of the protective cover determines the chip removal amount, so the chip removal amount will increase the wear. During the design, the manufacturer generally reserves 10% - 20% according to the user's requirements

3. Each power head of the plate belt magnetic type and crawler chain type chip conveyor can achieve 42m without overlap

but considering the actual installation situation, it is generally not more than 30m, and power heads should be added beyond this range. The length of other types of * * * is limited (except for large flow water rinsing)

if these things exist in the automatic chip removal machine of machine tool, it will affect the service life and working accuracy of the lead screw, resulting in unqualified products. If the damage of the lead screw protective cover is found in the inspection process, it should be repaired in time, and it should be replaced in time when the damage is serious. The development and implementation of these works can give full play to the role of the protective cover of the machine tool and reduce the occurrence of problems. Check the appearance every day. Check the appearance of the X and Z axes, eliminate all kinds of chips and other dirt on the appearance, avoid the accumulation of sundries, check whether the running track can meet the requirements of smoothness, avoid the damage caused by grand friction due to insufficient smooth oil, and see whether the appearance is very smooth and whether there are scratches. As a basis for early detection, these problems * * * should be repeated before leaving work in the afternoon, These tasks are the focus of every day, hoping to arouse everyone's attention. Thank you very much for purchasing our products from many sellers. In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests

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