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The complete collection of common English terms for insulating glass is a blessing to those who are engaged in foreign trade! Now we can sum up the common terms of insulating glass and do more with half the effort

abbeive adhesion inhibitor, anti adhesion agent, separator

abrasion detachment, excision, ablation

abrasion abrasion hardness

abrasion index

abrasion tester

accelerateagingtest accelerated aging test

acetate acetate, acetate, Acetic

acetone acetone

acid resistance

adhere bonding, adhesion aging test, Aging test

adhesion adhesion failure

adhesion of rubber to metal

adhesion promoter, Adhesive AIDS

adhesive adhesive

adhesive adsorbent


affinity affinity

aluminum oxide

aluminum profile aluminum profile

aluminum section

aluminum shim/butyl spacer aluminum strip butyl adhesive strip, only high adhesive strip

aluminum space R aluminum spacer strip, Trough aluminum

ambient noise

ambient temperature

amorphous non qualitative, amorphous

angstroms anhydrite anhydrite anhydrite

an nealed glass original sheet, ordinary glass

an nealing annealing, annealed

an nealing lehr annealing kiln (furnace)

an nealing point annealing aging at temperature (equivalent viscosity: 1018 poise), Aging

aging resistance, aging performance

aging test, Air curing

air drying air filled

air infiltration

air infiltration

air side glass surface in float glass production

air space air layer


aldehydes aldehyde

alkali alkali

alkali metal salt alkali metal salt

alkali resistance

alkalinity, Alkalinity

alligatoring crocodile pattern


aluminoborosilicate glass

aluminosilicate glass

aluminum aluminum

anticracking agent (rubber)

anti-oxidation dysprosium oxide


application table console

aqueous water containing, Aqueous

argon argon

arsenic arsenic trioxide, Natural cracking

atmospheric pressure (force)



bback bone main chain, main components, backbone, skeleton

back fill, back fill

barium oxide

barometric pressure

base glue

batch house batching workshop

bath yaochi, Tank furnace

bending strength

bent glass, bent glass

bent spacer continuous bend metal spacer

bentonite bentonite, bentonite, slurry

benzene ring benzene ring

beryllium beryllium

bicherous smotios places, batch calendering method (flat glass)

bitumen asphalt, asphalt bleeding plasticizer, etc. exude from the surface to form a thin film and bubble, Brookfile test Brookfield single cylinder viscometer brookfile test, Borax borax borax acid boric acid boric oxide boron silicate crown glass, Round fast glass butadiene butadiene butyl butyl rubber butylene butene ccadmium cadmium calcium peroxide calcium carbonate can/cgsb-12 Canna detects standard large hollow glass channel arch capillary capillary capillary tube unit capillary glass installed with capillaries, CEN European standard for hollow slope glass, Cracking caused by sunlight chemical fog chemical resistance chemical strengthened glass, Transparent glass coadsorption coating technology, Cold resistance


compatible spacer

compound curve (glass)

compression modulus

compression set permanent failure

compressive strength

compressive stress


cndensation condensation

condensation gutter, Groove

conduction conduction conduction container stability (=shell life) shelf life containationpollution continuos film flat film, no fracture or pinhole conduction convection conventional hot melt common hot melt adhesive, conventional hot melt adhesive, Crack creep critical temperature, Curing time curing agent catalyst curing mechanism curing mechanism curtain wall curtain wall curved glass cylindrical glass (blown or drawn), cylindrical flat glass, Inlaid glass deflection, deflection, delaminate delamination, delineation, description, outline density desorbed molecular sieve design load desorbed dew point diameter diamond pyramid hardness scale diaphram, diaphragm, diaphragm dichromate dichromate dicing dice dielectric, dielectric; Dielectric DIF, but the cost of printing materials has not decreased. Fusion diffusion diisocyanates diisocyanate diluent, diluent diluent diluent dimethyl ketone dimethylacetone DIN 1286 German insulating glass standard 1286dip coatonyx has three times the strength of ordinary nylon. Dip coating disentangles, clears the dispersion, and distorts the distribution, Division dolomite door light inlaid glass slurry line drawn glass drawn sheet glass drawn flat glass 55 gallon bucket dry time glue deficient joint DSE is equivalent to two-way sealing dispersion, Double panes unit double glass insulating glass double seal double sealed units double seal insulating glass dlurability durability durometer hardness, Dynamic fatigue edge clearance edge cover edge of glass edge seal edge seal height edge seal height edgetech IC American aiger insulating glass technology Co., Ltd. elastic solid elastic solid elastic elastic elastic electromagnetic elements, wind and rain in nature, Elongations such as snow and thunder extend emery corundum powder, Emersion emulsion enamel glass enameled glass encyclopedia endothermic endothermic energy efficiency energy star American Energy Star Program ENR outdoor noise rating Er (energy rating) energy rating erosion corrosion ethylene ewnr (external wall noise rating) FA hrenheit Fahrenheit Fahrenheit failure analysis (water immersion technology) failure strength faying surfaces, Feeder feldspar feldspar feldspathic long stone fenestration door and window fiberglass fiber reinforced plastic filler filter cake, Flow temperature of glass flowing out of flow point, Destroy the software frequency of frame computer simulation of heat flow front end front face wall of kiln front end

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