Xianyue doors and windows congratulates Guangxi Li

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July is a sunny July; In August, there is a flag waving on the earth; There is a longing surging in the sky in September

following the Guangzhou Construction Expo, I deeply feel that the competition in the door and window industry is intensifying, but we have been moving forward and developing rapidly, with good news! The new members of the first Vietnam family are building stores one after another

in July, President Hu Rongshui of Liuzhou, Guangxi, inspected the market in Guangdong and wanted to find a high-end door and window brand to cooperate. He talked with several major brands but failed. In the process of understanding, through the introduction of friends, I learned to cross the doors and windows first. From what I heard to what I saw with my own eyes, I fell in love with the product at first sight and was deeply moved by the details of Xianyue product! Besides identifying with products, I also very much agree with the business philosophy of Xianyue. It's too late, but it's too fast. President Hu made a special trip from Guangxi to the new product launch site held in Vietnam on July 9 to sign a contract hand in hand

after two months of preparation. Good news from Liuzhou Rongshui, Guangxi! At No. 85, Xiufeng North Road, Rongshui County, Xianyue franchise store is about to open

before opening, there was a big move! In order to quickly enter the local market, respond to the majority of consumers and give back to new and old customers, and let more consumers know the Xianyue brand, Liuzhou Xianyue specialty store participated in the local "Champions League" home decoration Festival

during the alliance activities, there will be preferential discounts, gifts and unexpected surprises when shopping at the Xianyue exclusive store! We sincerely invite friends to come and watch the ceremony

Xianyue doors and windows takes joining a store and achieving a store as the starting point. The headquarters of the company gave various policy support at the initial stage of the new store rectification, and also gave special opening to media resources. The official website, overseas websites and a number of media platforms displayed the image of Liuzhou exclusive store, cooperated with the publicity work of the exclusive store, provided all-round support, and helped the franchisees all the way to the later store operation support, so that the franchisees could excel in the market competition! I believe that Guangxi Liuzhou franchised store will become stronger and bigger with the strong support of the headquarters and the joint efforts of President Hu

I wish Liuzhou franchise store a successful opening, prosperous business and extensive financial resources




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