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The manager belongs to the leadership of the company. The manager's office will affect the manager's personal aura and fortune, and will more likely affect the manager's choice. Therefore, the feng shui of the manager's office can not be ignored; What are the Feng Shui instructions for the decoration of the manager's office? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

Feng Shui instructions for the decoration of the manager's office

What are the Feng Shui instructions for the decoration of the general manager's office

General principles for the layout of the general manager's and President's offices:

1. Doors: access, exit

2. Chair: sit steadily, stand straight (avoid hanging beams on your head, and there are chandeliers on your head), face moist (there is a fish tank or water bonsai on the opposite side), back towering (there is a backer on the back of the seat),

3. Overall effect: Yin and yang are harmonious, dynamic and static coordination, welcome and see off are available, the guests of honor are orderly, constant changes are constant, and there are points in ten directions

4. Determination of square and position: ten directions and eight directions constitute the connotation of "direction". People are customers in "direction", and people are the main in "direction". The layout of the boss' office is mainly "square". The "square" refers to the front, rear, left, right, front right, rear left, front left, rear right, up and down. The "direction" refers to the direction indicated by the compass, especially the eight directions of East, West, South, north, northeast, northwest, Southeast and southwest. The layout of the general manager and President's desk:

1. The left front of the desk should be unobstructed and there should be a path for advance and retreat, (with his left hand facing the door), this is the Qinglong position. If the Qinglong likes to swim, move easily, jump up and down, it will generate wealth, and if it is not hindered, it will generate wealth and happiness. (water dispenser can be placed)

2. The front of the desk should be spacious and bright. It is appropriate to put a low chair and a short stool. This is the rosefinch position. Rosefinch likes to sing and fly, so it is suitable for face-to-face communication. This place should be clean, avoid putting dirt, and should be opposite the open window. If it is opposite the wall, you can hang maps, celebrity calligraphy and paintings, and inspiring banners, warnings, and famous sentences. There is a fish tank or water bonsai on the opposite wall in front of the desk

3. Place the inkstone and pencil case in front of the desk

there are 5 pages in total, the first page is 12345, the next page is 4. The right front of the desk should be slightly higher than the left front. On the right front is Baihu Fang. Baihu likes mountains and is easy to dry. It is suitable to put personal favorite solid decorations, preferably jade, which represents mountains, symbolizing that Baihu lies in mountains and rivers. Avoid putting fish tanks, drinking fountains and water related bonsai

5. The way for others to get in and out should not be left behind the boss' seat. It should be narrow rather than wide, otherwise the position will be unstable

6. The bookcase and jewelry cabinet should be placed behind the boss' seat, and the exhibit cabinet should not be placed. Otherwise, it is also a big taboo to let people touch it

7. Directly behind the back of the boss's seat is Xuanwu. Xuanwu (tortoise and snake) likes darkness and is easy to sleep. Its back is stretched and supported, which is stable and solid. (semi annular plexiglass can be placed, with a backer and a seal cover)

8. The left rear of the boss's desk is the Teng snake position. Teng snake likes to hide under things and is easy to hide in the daytime and rise at night. It is suitable to place flowers and trees or low tables, tea tables and sofas to entertain guests. Move in the day and calm at night, and give peace and peace to subordinates and descendants

9. The right rear of the boss's desk is Gou Chen's position. Gou Chen likes to sting under heavy objects and is easy to stick to them. Therefore, heavy objects should be arranged here, and safes, metal utensils and ballasts should be placed

10. The corner flag is on the left and the drum is on the right of the boss's desk. Horn flags like to publicize Yifa, which should be colorful. It is appropriate to hang honorary certificates, honorary plaques, certificates of merit, etc. on the wall to publicize themselves or their idols. If the flag is opened and the horn rings, the responders will be numerous, and the loyal people will dare to move forward. On the right is the printing drum, which likes the Lord and is easy to command, so it is appropriate to place computers, signing pens, business cards, printing tables, company CI logos, etc. on the right hand of the writing desk. The drum position is the highest place in the whole room, and the drum sound and seal are forbidden. All the scholars and subordinates abide by the law and commit no offense

11. Set the computer at the drum position (right-hand position)

12、 Mark: Double m stands for "door", and three combination stands for "water dispenser" ", color: green, crimson, earthy yellow. Avoid gold and silver.

explanation of Feng Shui instructions for the decoration of the manager's office

modern office design pays more attention to Feng Shui. The back of the manager's seat can be a floor to ceiling window, but the window can't face the wall of other buildings, that is to say, the corner of the wall is in a straight line in front of you, which is not conducive to work. The door of the manager's office, don't face the door. It can't be set in the design of the manager's office If there is a faucet and a washing table, it will seriously leak money

there are 5 pages in total. The first page is 12345. The position of the manager's office on the next page cannot be in the front of the employee. The best decoration is to move the manager's room behind the employee's desk. On the one hand, it can avoid the adverse consequences caused by the long-term face of employees. On the other hand, it can also monitor employees and make employees dare not slack off; Managers need to be calm and quiet to think about the company's decisions. If they are facing the door, they will be rushed by the atmosphere of people coming and going, which is easy to be distracted

the design of the manager's office should not face the door of the boss or the meeting room. If the door of the manager's room is facing the door of the boss or the meeting room, it will cause mutual mistrust and easy to disagree with each other. There should be no horn brake outside the window. The sharp angle of the opposite building can be seen outside the window of the manager's office, which will form a brake, which is invisible and easy to consume energy, and the spirit can't concentrate. The magnetic field of brain waves will also be disturbed. Over time, the spirit is easy to get out of balance. There should be no beams and columns above the office: if there are beams and columns above the manager's office, it is likely that the work will not go smoothly, or the communication will be poor, resulting in conflicts and disputes. (Feng Shui)

Feng Shui instructions for decoration design of manager office

design features of manager office

1 The manager's office is relatively closed: managers need a separate office to create a quiet and safe working environment for managers

2. The manager's office is relatively spacious: the area of the manager's office should be larger, expand the vision, and give people a comfortable and relaxed feeling. The setting place of the manager's office should arrange the reception room, meeting room, secretary office, etc. nearby, so as to facilitate the manager to handle his work

4. The manager's office has distinctive characteristics: the manager is the management of the enterprise. The manager's office should reflect the image of the enterprise and the characteristics of the enterprise. The manager's office should place some decorations to make a good impression

manager office feng shui

1 Location of the manager's office: because of the sitting direction of a room, different location areas will be formed. The general manager's office must be located in the noble position of the room, so that we can get the help of the noble and work smoothly, operate and produce

2. The size of the manager's office is very particular: it is not suitable for the manager's office to be too large or too small. It is not easy to gather Qi, which looks like a lonely person, and the business will decline. Don't think that the larger the room is, the more imposing it will be. Of course, it is not suitable to be too small, which means that the business is not easy to expand and the pattern development is limited

3. The arrangement of tables and chairs in the manager's office: the back of the chair can't be empty. There must be a wall as a backer. Feng Shui can be taken care of in all aspects. However, the boss's chair can't be firmly pressed against the wall in order to pursue "leaning", which will be counterproductive

there are 5 pages in total. The first page is 12345, and the next page is 4 The door of the manager's office can't be opened from the "backer": it's not a good way to directly face the boss's desk. The most standard way to open the door is to open the door in the front right of the boss's desk, which is the most consistent with the Feng Shui general manager's office opening principle

manager's office decoration

5. The route to the general manager's room should also be smooth: Although most of the general manager's rooms are behind, the route from the gate to the room should not be crooked, or blocked by sundries, or the winding path is deep

6. The shape of the manager's office should not be "L": nor should the office with many column corners, which is difficult to coordinate and communicate with employees and customers. Circular office is also not suitable

7. Manager's room: the glass should not be too much or too large, otherwise it will reduce the privacy, and it is better to decorate it with curtains. The table should face the window or see the employees. It's best to sit in the same seat as the employees. In this way, you can be united and bow down to the back of the world

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the dining table is an essential furniture in home life and an important place for us to eat and have dinner every day. The quality of table Feng Shui also directly affects the health and wealth of the family. So what are the Feng Shui taboos of the dining table? Let's have a look

Feng Shui taboo of the table

1. The table should be round or square

China's traditional cosmology is "the sky is round and the place is round", so most daily utensils are round and square. The traditional table is a typical example. The traditional table is shaped like the full moon, symbolizing the reunion of the old and the young, intimacy, and gathering popularity, which can well set off the atmosphere of eating, and has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

as for the square table, the small one can only sit for four people, which is called the four immortals table, and the large one can sit for eight people, which is also called the eight immortals table. Because it symbolizes the gathering of the eight immortals, it is also very auspicious, square and stable, which symbolizes fairness and stability. Although there are corners on four sides, it is not lethal because it is not a sharp corner, so it is willing to be used

2. Pay attention to the texture of the dining table

the surface of the dining table is easy to clean. The marble and glass tabletops are hard and cold, and have a strong sense of art. However, because they are easy to quickly absorb the energy generated by the human body after eating, it is not conducive to the sitting and communication of diners. Therefore, they should not be used in the main dining table, but can be reconciled through shape and texture, such as a round marble dining table or a square wooden table, These combinations will bring good effects

3. The dining table should not be directly rushed by the door

residential Feng Shui pays attention to "like whirling and avoid direct rushing". If there is any rushing, it will lead to the easy release of Qi, which will greatly affect Feng Shui. If the dining table is in line with the door, standing outside the door, you can see a family eating, which is by no means appropriate

4. The dining table must not be directly flushed by the toilet door

the toilet is regarded as an "filthy" unclean place in Feng Shui, so the more hidden it is, the better. If the dining table is aligned, it often leads to poor health of the family. If the dining table is directly flushed with the toilet door, it is best to move the dining table to another position as soon as possible. If it is really impossible to move it away, it is necessary to put a small water pan in the middle of the dining table, in which the iron tree head is soaked with water or the bamboo is transported, Resolve in this way

5. There should not be a beam above the dining table

the top pressing of the beam is a big taboo of Feng Shui. If there is a beam on the dining table, it can be used as a ceiling to cover up, but the best way is to move the dining table to another place

6. The dining table should be flat rather than inclined

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