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Summer is a hot season. The sun is busy spreading all over the earth. Only delicious food and beautiful scenery can't be disappointed. In order to enhance the cohesion and sense of belonging of employees, reflect the company's care for employees, and create a good corporate culture on July 3

summer is a hot season

the sun is busy spreading all over the earth

only delicious food and beautiful scenery can't live up to

in order to enhance the cohesion and sense of belonging of employees

reflect the company's care for employees

create a good corporate culture

July 31 August 1

the Beijing security gate carries out the group construction activity of Wenzhou Cangnan Yuliao scenic spot on the 2nd

first come to the food on the tip of the tongue

burn calories again

on July 31

more than 100 Jingjing Group partners and their families lined up to sit down

at 13:00 p.m., they set out to the destination Cangnan Yuliao scenic spot on time

after a five hour drive, the partners went to the destination, took a break, and couldn't wait to face the sunset

to the beach for a barbecue music bonfire party

barbecue is the highlight of group construction, and barbecue technology is also a technical work. Some are responsible for making a fire, some are responsible for cleaning food ingredients,... Everyone performs their own duties and has fun

as the saying goes, there is nothing that a barbecue can't solve. If there is, then have another meal

after being busy, let's share delicious food together

at this moment, it is not only the happiness brought by tasting delicious food, but also the happiness of everyone gathered here because of Beijing, because Beijing, we become a family

sunrise on the sea, the dawn shines first ", the little partner packed his bags, went straight to the sunshine, looked forward to the waves hitting his feet, looked forward to listening to the sound of the sea, and looked forward to the magnificent sunrise on the sea

when you're full, you'll burn calories

facing the sun and sea breeze. The little friends began to experience the fun of "Fisherman" fishing for a long time

mountains, green water, blue sky and white clouds. Add a group of lovely people, this is the right way to open the League building, and it is the state that a team should have ~ the core of the League building is based on the common experience of the team, so the team building experience is the design and co creation of the common experience of the team. By creating the common experience, putting aside our own prejudice, understanding, respecting and trusting partners, so as to establish a truly common vision, and then we can achieve the state of harmony but difference

after more than ten years of precipitation and accumulation, Jingjing has led the market with class a doors, and has been at the forefront of the industry in research and development; The company has always insisted on making the door specialized, refined and detailed, presenting a perfect experience to consumers. In addition, in the spirit of "truth-seeking, pragmatic, development and innovation", and with the goal of building a "people-oriented and harmonious enterprise", Jingjing security gate always insists on taking the interests of the majority of employees as the fundamental starting point and foothold of all work, always thinking of employees, paying attention to all aspects, and building a harmonious and healthy corporate cultural life

playing doesn't care about the end, but about the people and things on the way, as well as those beautiful memories and scenery

although the League building is over, our original intention remains the same

Jingjing safety door will continue to adhere to product innovation and terminal empowerment, resolutely fulfill its commitments to consumers, and escort the home




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