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Summary of decoration material selection experience

1. Selection of decoration company:

you really don't have time or know nothing about decoration, please choose a large decoration company. The price is expensive, and there is no way to be killed by him. In this way, the degree of protection will be relatively high

if you are free and experienced in material selection, you can choose a small company with good reputation to purchase main materials by yourself, which can not only achieve the effect, but also save at least 20% of the cost compared with the former

2. Hydropower Engineering:

fire and water are merciless, and the materials must be better. It is better to replace the things left by the original developer


look at the distribution box - if the Dongdong inside is unlicensed, it must be replaced

wire - Panda or Zhongce

switch socket - Mei Lan, Rilan, Qisheng, Simon, TCL

water pipe - Aikang, pirsa, Jieshui

there are so many fake things that you can't tell the true from the false. Go to big malls such as Haomeijia and Bai'an dramas, and buy them no matter how expensive they are

3. Kitchen

cabinet: countertop: artificial stone of 600-1000/M is recommended, which has a high cost performance. Cabinet: melamine board is recommended, which has the highest price, is easy to scrub, and is strong and durable

stove off row: vatti and Fangtai are recommended. They are the most cost-effective, and the boss is a little more expensive. E-lux is even more expensive, and the quality may not be better than the first three

sink: Moen, vlanka, Delta. Rust will be found just after decoration. Don't worry too much. It's generally just water rust, not the problem of the sink itself

4. Bathroom

water heater: it is recommended to use gas, which is not limited by water volume. If not for many people bathing at the same time, 11 liters is enough

toilet: toto, Kohler, Lejia, American Standard, Wrigley, with beautiful shape and good quality

basin: the recommended brand is the same as above. When decorating, don't forget to make the wall drainage, so that no matter what style of basin is used, the sewer can be hidden

Faucet: toto, Kohler, Lejia, American Standard, Moen, Delta, the set meal between 600-1200 (basin + Bath Faucet) has the highest cost performance, reliable quality and beautiful shape

5. Floor:

the composite floor is relatively strong and durable. You can choose beautiful patterns, and there is basically no color difference; The disadvantage is that the foot feel is hard and less comfortable than the solid wood floor

the solid wood floor feels comfortable and more imposing; But the price is high, and the maintenance is troublesome. It is very delicate. If you are not careful, you will hit a small hole, which is hopeless

the price of flooring with the same material is often different, and some even vary greatly, mainly because of the differences in tree age, material selection, processing technology, etc. it is recommended to choose a big brand, so that the quality can be guaranteed and the goods can be sold at the same price

6. Wood:

floor joists are generally dried larch, and the wood quality should be checked for decay and insect holes

don't think that solid wood boards must be environmentally friendly. They all refer to connecting boards, which also use a lot of glue, so we should pay attention to it

density board and particleboard shall be E0 or E1 grade; Even so, it should be noted that it should not be used in large quantities indoors to avoid formaldehyde accumulation exceeding the standard

try to choose solid wood frames for the door, generally around 500 is good. Don't buy that kind of 500 yuan three door. The quality is too poor, and the door lock can't be used.

7. The lock, door hinge, door stopper

of course, the best is stainless steel or copper, but the price is expensive, especially copper, which rises faster than the house price. Generally, the stainless steel lock is more than 300, and the door hinge and door stopper are about 180 in total. If the door is below 1000, it seems unnecessary

alloy can be selected for lower price. The strength of the alloy is slightly lower than that of stainless steel and copper, but it is absolutely no problem for daily use. We should choose thick products, which are sure to have no problem. Such products have high cost performance

do not choose low-cost and low-quality products. These things seem inconspicuous, but they are actually very important. They are annoying when they are broken

if you really don't know, weigh the weight. Generally, it's better to weigh it





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