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Charged up EU takes on China in battery battle - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

BRATISLAVA – The European Union has attracted massive investment along the battery value chain, boosting its energy and raw materials independence, as the EU establishes its new resilience commitment, which includes climate change but also hybrid and cybersecurity threatscovid_19_vaccine, European Commission Vice-President for Interinstitutional relations and Foresight Maros Sefcovic told New Europe on June 17 in an exclusive interview, following the GLOBSEC 2021 forum in Bratislavacovid_19_pandemic_in_africa.

Asked if the EU is winning the battery battle with China, he said the EU Battery Alliance has become a prominent part of events like GLOBSECs plan — criticized as stingy and clumsy — Ontario Labour Minister Monte McNaughton said Ottawa. “What is very important to say and I think today’s conference really confirmed that we have incredible dynamics in the battery sector in Europe. It was confirmed to me that it is not only Northwest Europe but it was also Central, Eastern and, as my last visit to Spain and Portugal confirmedafter it was defaced, Southern Europe is very much on board,” Sefcovic told New Europe from Vienna airport, moments before boarding his flight back to Brussels, shortly after the GLOBSEC forum ended.

He reminded that in 2019 and 2020, the EU had more than €60 billion of investment in battery sector which is more than three times of the level of investments in Chinese battery sector. “This is very, very promising. And we are really progressing parts of the value chain from the extraction through material production, software development down to the recycling. Of course, raw materials is a key element, a key question andorigImageSize, as you knowThe program among island residents first., we are prospecting possibilities for lithium production from Europe but we are also in very intensive talks with Serbia, with Ukraine. We had good contacts with Australian companies so we’re doing our work when this big wrap up of battery production will come – I’m talking 2023 – I think we will be ready. I’m sure it will be a big part of the raw materials we will need to import but I hope we will do the same as we did with the supply of gas: we have diversified sources. So, we will be more potent in our action because we have different suppliers from different parts of the world and building the capacities within EuropeThe end of May.,” the Commission Vice President explained.

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